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A-plus Consulting Inc was founded in 2006 to create possibilities for individuals and businesses by creating partnerships designed to attain positive sustainable results to enhance excellence. We aim to transform potential into performance in order to maximize customer loyalty.

Meet Tonya Palmer Powell
Tonya Palmer Powell, the company owner and operator believes that success is determined by values, vision, premier personal delivery and practical efficient action. She is a logical thinker and intuitive person who is result oriented; she is passionate about turning dreams into reality by envisioning all the possibilities, exploring the available options, creating workable action plans, being at the forefront of goal attainment and developing strong team players that help attain success. 

Tonya has over 20 years of professional experience, 10 years of which she was in professional leadership; she has worked as a project/program manager where she helped teams succeed after going through her coaching program. She worked with managers, professionals and executives in different industries (for both Fortune 500 companies and Startups) ranging from tech, manufacturing, public sector, healthcare, biotech, financial and service industries, education and government during her career.

She holds an Executive Business Coaching Certificate and a degree in BS Computer Science from North Carolina State University, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and an MBA among many other certifications. 

We pride in our unique ability to use proven techniques to attain great results that enhance personal and business performance. Whether you need executive coaching services, scrum coaching or want a reliable project management consultant to help you achieve success, you can count on us thanks to our experience, professionalism and passion to see others succeed in their endeavors. We  work passionately to understand your system design needs and help meet and exceed your current and future needs and expectations.

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