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​At A-plus consulting Inc, we want to be the best at what we do be it coaching, consulting, training, system design/implementation or professional facilitation. Our team of experienced consultants, coaches and trainers have over 20 years of experience serving in different capacities and in different industries making us the most skilled in offering services that you can count on. Our approach to training, coaching, consulting and professional facilitation takes a holistic approach that includes planning, implementation, control or monitoring and development. We strive to help individuals and businesses succeed by blending our skills and experience with technology to offer better quality services including:

Project/program management
We offer a one-stop solution for anyone wishing to excel in project management through our extensive project/program management solutions that range from IT, Virtual program/project management office (PMO), product development, system and software development, document management, enterprise management and project/program management office setup and operations. Our experienced project management consultants blend our knowledge of technology and professionalism to improve lives to great heights. 

We always strive to offer scrum and other coaching services that you can count on thanks to our vast experience in dealing with teams, managers and company executives in different companies spread across different industries. Our executive leadership coaching services is one of the best and most recommended by some of the top executives in startups and Fortune 500 companies. We also play an active role in helping leaders on matters relating to strategic planning, which is a great tool to provide reliable and sustainable growth/development.

Professional facilitation and training
Our experienced coaches have years of experience in holding workshops which help instill team spirit, professionalism and to work hard towards attaining a common goal. We hold regular workshops all over the country to discuss different matters of interest to different groups of people. Attendance fee starts at $25 per person.

System design and implementation
We have system design consultants who are always at the forefront of ensuring that you attain your goals in a more efficient and effective manner with a greater sense of control. 

We are fully committed to helping businesses to build customer loyalty, which is the foundation of any sustainable growth, development and profitability. Whatever your needs and expectations may be, we can tailor a custom solution based on your current situation to guarantee your success in meeting and exceeding the needs of your customers.

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