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​"Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this journey! Special thanks to the originator of my logos and creative visionary, Lindsay Ruiz, for her spirit and insight. I appreciate every client that has helped me create the life I want for myself and family, as well as, those in my future. Many whom have expressed their sincere appreciation below. Sincere Thanks!" 
Tonya Palmer Powell, Your Loyal Partner
A-plus Consulting, Inc.   

"I am newbie entrepreneur, fresh out of corporate America with not a clue on how to start my business. I had lots of ideas, but no movement towards making the ideas goals or reality. I contacted A-Plus Consulting. They got me right on track. The coaching ability of Tonya Palmer Powell is as “real” as it gets. You are made totally accountable of the destiny of your business. She gives you the tools. It has been a wonderful journey. I am no longer talking about getting started. I have started thanks to A-Plus Consulting, Failure is not an option."
Terri S. Thomas, Voice Over Artist & Elderly Advocate
The Voice of Kat Clark

"I say thank you with my eyes and my heart wide open. This means I feel a deep and intense sense of gratitude for the gift you have given me. With each coaching session I have become increasingly confident I am becoming the powerful person - woman/wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend/cousin/niece/aunt/in-law/neighbor/church member/volunteer/employee etc. - GOD designed without compromise. I am acutely cognizant of how my actions affect the perceptions of others and I have learned proven techniques to effectively get an understanding of what the other person needs to be a winner. Each day when I stare into the mirror, I see a winner looking back at me. And even greater I am perfecting the practice of motivating through vision and breeding Excellence in the people around me through my relationships with them while reaching my goals in a focused and strategic manner." 
Mona Frazier, Learning Manager

"Tonya’s coaching has been instrumental in helping us as a group to define our mission, purpose, and goals. Through the challenges of growing a new enterprise Tonya has been a solid foundation. She has counseled us, challenged us and supported us as we developed in ourselves and in our Endeavour. Tonya has been professional and helpful to me personally and to our business as a whole. We appreciate all she has done for us! The hours we spent with her as a group are, like the master card commercial, priceless."
Lorna Madill, RN, Business Owner 
Good Vibe Fitness

"I enjoyed her energy, her knowledge, and her passion for helping others. She has been instrumental in helping me let go and grow the past few months. I appreciate her and believe she can make a difference for so many in the future. Thank you Tonya!" 
Phyllis J. Ussery, Business Owner 
Good Vibe Fitness

“Tonya’s coaching has been one of the most revolutionary experiences in my life. She taught me profound personal and professional skills that I will use forever. She is a master of communication and understanding. She has the ability to see a need and get beneath it to help others grow in whatever areas are most needed for them. We loved her! She will be an important role model for me in the future." 
Penny Eubanks, Business Owner 
Good Vibe Fitness 

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